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Quality Manufacturing Service

Supreme quality CNC Milling

Sumac specializes in three, four and five axis machining, utilising our 5 axis machine tools in a full range of milling capabilities from simple drilling operations to complex three-dimensional contouring.

We use state of the art machining centres with features such as tilting five axis rotary tables, through spindle coolant, as well as high speed machining. Quality is also maintained through laser tool setting and machine tool monitoring in real time.

This is all supported with traditional manual machining.

CNC Milling 3, 4 and 5 axis

YCM Fx350AH x 2  5 Axis ITNC Heidenhain 530 Control using Erowa Compact work piece loading system. Capacity – 50 Pallets of 148mm Ø x 200mm high.

HEDELIUS Tiltenta 7 5 axis CNC-control iTNC Heidenhain 530 control, moving column machining centre continuous tilting main spindle. Capacity 4200mm x 750mm x 695mm

YCM Fx350AH 5 Axis ITNC (Heidenhain 530) x 5 Capacity 350mm Ø Trunnion

YCM TV188B (Heidenhain 530) Capacity 1800 x 860 mm    

YCM NXV1020A (Heidenhain 620) x 3 Capacity 1020 x 510mm

YCM MV168A  (MXP200i Fanuc) Capacity 1650 x 750 mm (with 4th Axis)

YCM MV106A (Heidenhain 530) Capacity 1060 x 510 mm (With 4th Axis)

YCM FV125A (MXP200i Fanuc) Capacity 1250 x 510 mm (with 4th Axis)

YCM FV125A (MXP200i Fanuc) Capacity 1250 x 510 mm

YCM NSV66A   (Heidenhain 530) Capacity 660 x 510 mm

YCM XV560AH (Heidenhain 530) x 5 Capacity 560 x 410 mm

Bridgeport VMC600/22   (Heidenhain 410) Capacity 600 x 510 mm (with 4th Axis)

Bridgeport VMC800/22   (Heidenhain 410) Capacity 800 x 510 mm (with 4th Axis)

Bridgeport VMC800/22   (Heidenhain 410) x 3 Capacity 800 x 510 mm

Bridgeport VMC1000/22 (Heidenhain 410) x 1 Capacity 1025 x 510 mm

Supreme quality CNC turning

We have seven turning centres ranging from two axis up to nine axis of which six are bar feed, five are equipped with live tooling and three are twin spindles. With this range we can produce anything from prototypes to bar-fed large volume work.

This is all supported with traditional manual machining.

CNC Turning 2 to 9 axis

Daewoo Puma MX2000ST 9 Axis -Fanuc 18iTB Control System: Two full ‘C’ Axis 22kW spindles, 15kW (10,000rpm) Milling Spindle, Full 240 deg ‘B’ axis & Full Size Lower Turret with 7.5kW Driven tools, with a 1.5 metre LNS Servo 2 Bar System. Work Envelope = 550mm dia x 1020 mm, with 65mm Bar Capacity.

Daewoo Puma MX2000SY 6 Axis -Fanuc 18iTB Control System: 15kW Main Spindle + 7.5kW Sub Spindle, 5.5kW Driven Tools with Hydrafeed Multifeed Bar System. Work Envelope 330mm dia x 510mm, with 65mm Bar Capacity.

Miyano BND-42S Fanuc CNC Control C Axis Driven Tooling & Sub Spindle Hydrafeed 3-80 Magazine Barfeed 42mm Main Spindle Capacity plus 34mm Sub Spindle.

Ecoca SJ-20MC Fanuc CNC Control C Axis Driven Tool Turret Hydrafeed 3-80 Magazine Barfeed.

Goodway GCL-2B Fanuc CNC Control 200mm Ø Capacity, 51mm Bar Capacity. Hydrafeed 3-80 Magazine Barfeed.

Goodway GS-260 Fanuc CNC Control 400mm Ø Capacity, 51mm Bar Capacity. C-Axis Driven tool Turret. 

Goodway Sliding Head SW32 Fanuc CNC 32mm Bar Capacity. Twin Spindle  3 Metre Barfeed.

All CNC machining fully supported by Mastercam, EdgeCam and Solidworks
(Computer Aided Engineering + Pro–E capability).

Expert welding and sheet metal work – laser cutting, fabrication and welding

Our welding capacity includes MIG, TIG, Gas and Spot for mild steel, stainless steels and aluminium. Our highly skilled team produce welds of excellent quality and can produce anything from prototypes to production fabrications.

Laser Cutting, Fabrication and Welding

Bystronic Bystar 3015 laser cutting machine: Capacity 3000mm x 2000mm with a 4 axis

Amada press brake HFE 130-4: Capacity 130 tonne x 4.0 metres down stroke

RQH Pressbrake: Capacity 30 tonne x 1.5 metres                       

Promecam Pressbrake: Capacity 35 tonne x 2.4 metres

Edwards pearson press brake PR4 100/3100: Capacity 100 tonne x 3.0 metres

Edwards Guillotine: Capacity Truecut 48” X 10g Mild Steel     

Edwards Guillotine: Capacity 3 Metre x 6mm Mild Steel

Hydranotch Femco Corner Notcher 

Press & Shear Ltd 2 Meter Rollers 

Press & Shear Ltd Strippit Super 30/30/30 Fabricator 

Meritus Spot Welder Model 5002420 

Ineco Basic Tube Bender Tube Scalloper

Migatronic Tig welding x 15 sets        

Migatronic Mig Welding x 4 set

Transarc Welder Metal Arc 200 Amp

Conventional machine shop with full ancillary and supporting plant


(5x) SMX2 3000 SLV Turret Milling Machine 3 Axis

(1x) Bridgeport EZ TRAK DX    Series 2


Cyclematic Toolroom Lathe – CTL618e

Swift Toolroom Lathe Model 618

Colchester Centre Lathe Master 2500

Harrison Centre Lathe M450

Dalian Centre Lathe 6250/1500

XYZ Proturn Centre Lathe 425 X 2000


Grinding and Honing

Okamoto Grinder 105DX: 1.05 x 0.5m Table
J & S Surface Grinder 1400: 24” x 6” Table
J & S EIU 1074 Universal Grinder: 10” swing x 18” long
GP Centreless Grinder
Delapena Auto Speedhone machine



Fully Equipped Inspection Facilities and Quality Control
VDMIS based CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine
Faro Arm 1.2M Ø with Delcam software


Ancillary and support plant

uMeta Laser Engraving Machine

Glass Bead & Grit Blasting

Electro Arc Spark Eroder

Line Grinding

Fully equipped material cutting and preparation.


Fully equipped dedicated assembly areas