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Aerospace and aeronautical

Reliability is paramount when delivering any project that puts peoples lives on the line. Our work with agencies and corporations with research facilities and those with security responsibilities is a clear measure of our reputation.

No job is too large or complexed for our team whose determination and dedication to your project will be unwavering. From initial product concept to taking flight, every facet of our work is geared to ensuring a piece of Sumac engineering is as faultless and reliable as our service.


Aerospace and Aeronautical with Sumac Manufacturing
We’ve been working with Sumac for over fifteen years and year on year they continue to up their game with levels of service and output second to none.

The communication between our operations is excellent and knowing I can pick up the phone to speak with department heads for updates and reports gives us great piece of mind. The quality of the work itself is supreme and consistent beyond question.

This business is reliant on top level products and services and Sumac without doubt excel on all counts.

Name withheld for confidentiality

Group Logistics Controller, UK aeronautical systems provider