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Sumac specializes in three, four and five axis machining, utilising our 5 axis machine tools in a full range of milling capabilities from simple drilling operations to complex three-dimensional contouring.

We use state of the art machining centres with features such as tilting five axis rotary tables, through spindle coolant, as well as high speed machining. Quality is also maintained through laser tool setting and machine tool monitoring in real time.

This is all supported with traditional manual machining.

The attention to detail and overall control of the project presented to us my Sumac was superb. We made quite a few adjustments to our requirements during the project and an no point were we told something couldn’t be done. We had regular contact with the same person from start to finish and we could not have been happier with the outcome.

One reads a great deal about the efficiency of firms abroad and the various so called benefits of commissioning work overseas. In my experience, UK based Sumac compete with the best in the world in terms of service, performance and quality of the work.

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Systems Director, UK Motor Industry

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